Corona People


Kai Sieber

Corona People

50 x 70 cm & 34 x 80 cm
Acrylic on Canvas + NFT animation + Digital Stripe (Fine Art Print on Dibond)
Unique piece, painting signed on the front, print signed on the back, and listed with the NFT ID

When I meet people with masks, I am fascinated by the focus on the eyes. The rest of the facial expressions are largely hidden.

Nevertheless, emotions of all nuances can be read from the eyes. I then “masked” the faces with my favorite masks, which a colleague brought me from Mexico. In digital post-processing, I focused on the eyes to bring out the focus described earlier. Then the New Year’s Eve photos (actually taken over the years) appear.

The party on 12/31/2020 gives way to the virus that emerged from the lamp of the party room. The reunion, which takes place again in 2021, represents an optimistic outlook.

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