Engrained or Just Flamenco


Kai Sieber

Engrained or Just Flamenco

60 x 80 cm | 60 x 27 cm
NFT animation + Acrylic on Canvas + Fine Art Print on Dibond
Unique piece, painting signed in the front, print hand-signed on the back, and listed with the NFT ID

Background: When I was about 13 years old, I visited a flamenco bar in Spain with my parents. The flamenco dancer cast a spell over me from the start. As the rose fell from her hair, the world seemed to stand still to me. As if in a trance, I gathered all the courage to pick up the rose and give it back to her.

This scene made a deep impression on me and was perhaps even the reason why I later learned Spanish as a student and even went to Spain for a while. As so often, I started the picture abstractly. My little daughter came in and said: Dad, I see a dancer. My daughter’s impetus was enough for the present picture to develop from what had previously been abstract.

Now, years after completing the acrylic painting, digital editing has given me the opportunity to express more aspects of the story.

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