Fuse Sign. Hope

Kinga Su from PMKA on Vimeo.


Kinga Su

Fuse Sign. Hope

100 x 70 cm
NFT + Fine Art Print on Canson Rag, framed
Unique piece, print hand-signed on the back and listed with the NFT ID

This artwork is part of the installation Fuse. Harmonic Interaction. The viewers actively participated in the project by changing signs into letters to find a word. In order to succeed, they needed to start a dialogue and collaborate with the other viewer.

A huge polarization of public opinion has been observed for a long time, and for the last few years, political views divide people who are very close to each other. In addition, there is a constant information noise that reaches us through the media and social networks, which us in information bubbles. There are mechanisms that I observe with concern also for myself – I have prejudices towards people with a different worldview and I don’t even want to talk to them. With my project, I would like to inspire cooperation and dialogue.

I have created the typographic signs based on points. I imagined an elastic, black fabric that has been stretched on a mechanical system of moving elements. Some of them hold the fabric while others limit the movement.

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