Mariano Fernandez

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Mariano Fernandez is a Spanish artist based in Stuttgart. Despite his young age, he has already shaped his very unique artistic style. Inspired by Picasso, his inner portraits show people from the inside out. He creates emotions and transfers his feelings to the screen in a great style.

His art polarizes, as Mariano often bends the lines between ambitious and commercial art, challenging the conventional norms.

The artist often paints with his fingers, paints over commercial images from IKEA or uses old wooden panels as a background for his works.

Mariano was born in 1989 in Malaga, southern Spain. Since 2012 he lives and works in Stuttgart.

Everything is allowed, nothing is fixed.


(VIDA) Solo exhibition and 24h art performance, EXOgallery, Stuttgart

Grand Opening Group Exhibition at EXOgallery, Stuttgart

Art Monaco, Monaco

Stroke Art Fair, Munich

Live Painting Event, EXOgallery, Stuttgart

Live Painting, Amaru Open Air, Leinfelden

Summer Group Exhibition, Tennisclub Weißenhof


Mural design, Evangelical Training Center, Stuttgart

Live Painting Event, Rooftop Streams, Stuttgart


Las Señoras de Mariano, Sana Heart Surgery Clinic, Stuttgart

Mariano is represented in international private collections.


Exhibitions at EXO