Oksana Sokolova

a white Caucasian woman standing and looking at the viewer

Oksana Sokolova, a trans-disciplinary artist, integrates her architectural and fine art education into her work, employing various media like photography, installation, and painting to delve into societal challenges, historical shifts, and individual actions. Her projects seamlessly meld social critique with conformity and inner conflict.

In her primary domain of exploration, Oksana delves into architecture as a conduit for transcending history and the narratives it carries, while also exploring the transformative power of time on physical structures. She meticulously studies the enduring “Skins” of ancient buildings, extracting and synthesizing the stories they hold, transforming them into intricately crafted works of art.

Influenced by the sense of stifled freedom, Sokolova has initiated a fresh artistic endeavor centered on themes of liberty, illumination, and the innate connection with nature, surpassing the scope of all her previous artistic pursuits.

Sokolova graduated in Architecture in Paris, FR, and Fine Art in Nice, FR, where she currently lives and works.


Traces of Nature, EXOgallery, Stuttgart, DUO with Johanna Riplinger


Dialogues au coeur du vivant, Co-working Center Satellites, Nice, FR, DUO with Albane Noor

Introspection, EXOgallery, Stuttgart, DE

Skins, one-day show, Museum of Fine Arts, Nice, FR, SOLO

Secret language, City Hall Gallery, Gordes, FR, SOLO

Skins, permanent exhibition, Hotel Carlton, Cannes, FR, SOLO


Kaléidoscope, Gallery Rabelais, Nice, FR

The diffuse memories, Gallery Rabelais, Nice, FR

2014From sketch to project, City Hall, Menton, FR

Shows at the EXOgallery