Charity Painting Session at Olga Hospital

Our resident artists: Milena Lopez and Mariano Fernandez took part in a charity project organised by the Wolkenputzer Foundation at the Olga Hospital in Stuttgart.

On the 1. November 2022, the artists led a painting session at the Pain Center for children and teenagers between 10 and 17 years old. The session was designed to show the patients how art can detour their thoughts and their feelings by which pain can be reduced.

As Milena and Mariano use different painting techniques, they presented their both methods and encouraged the kids to use both practices to express their own feelings through art. By creating little artworks children spend the morning painting, talking and learning new ways to relax and enjoy.

What was brought to life during the session was an art installation which will become a permanent exhibition at the heart of day area of the Center.

For both Milena and Mariano, the cause lies at their hearts, as they wish their art not only brings joy to wider audience but through these little acts put a smile on a face of those in need.

The Youth who suffer from chronic pain spends 4 weeks at once during which the learn different techniques how to deal with the pain. Through sessions with psychologists, therapists and doctors they gain new behavioural paths for the future. Throughout the time the Pain Center becomes their home, where they make new friends for life; they sleep, eat, learn and spend their free time there.

The Pain Center at Olga Hospital in Stuttgart is one of two such interdisciplinary centers in Germany.

Nine Stein, the founder of Wolkenputzer Foundation, supports children in need in the area of Stuttgart through similar events.


Insights from the Charity Event