Event: EXOgallery meets Steinway & Sons

Friday, July 12th, 2024, 6pm. Concert at Steinway & Sons Stuttgart (Silberburgstr. 143, S-70176) followed by a reception and guided tour of the exhibition in the EXOgallery (Silberburgstr. 145A, S-70176)

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Our Artists

Maria Kozak

Maria Kozak, a Polish-American painter and new media artist, expresses in her oeuvre her inner world based loosely on society, nature and the sublime.

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Joeggu Hossmann

Joeggu Hossmann, Swiss painter, merges motives from contemporary life in the digital era and travel moods into meticulously composed canvases.

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Udo Spreitzenbarth

Udo Spreitzenbarth, German-born, New York-based, is an international fashion, celebrity, and art photographer working mainly with black-and-white portraits.

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Marina WitteMann

Marina WitteMann, a multi-disciplinary female artist, creates multi-sensational compositions challenging perceptions of value and beauty.

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Eberhard Bitter's oil painting

Eberhard Bitter

Eberhard Bitter, a German painter, developed his own sophisticated and clearly recognisable artistic language. His theme are interpersonal relationships.

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Ivo Nikic abstract painting with brown leaves on a dark background

Ivo Nikić

Ivo Nikic is a Polish-Kosovan abstract painter working in acrylic, but also action in public space, interventions, objects and sculptures

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Kinga Su artwork: Cloud and sand digital photography on a black background

Kinga Su

Kinga Su is a multi-faceted multidisciplinary Polish artist based in France. She created linocut prints, digital artworks and animations.

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Lydiane Lutz, Acrylic on canvas

Lydiane Lutz

Lydiane Lutz a German femail painter drawing on expressionistic abstraction merged with impressionism; water painting full joy of color

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Oksana Sokolova

Oksana Sokolova, a trans-disciplinary artist, integrates her architectural and fine art education into her work, employing various media like photography, installation, and painting to delve into societal challenges, historical shifts, and individual actions. Her projects seamlessly meld social critique with political discourse.

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Valo Valentino

Valo Valentino, a German-Mexican trans-disciplinary artist merging music, sculpture and cybernetics, exploring the relationship between frequency and color wavelength.

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Alexandra JS

Alexandra JS is a Scandinavian artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her oeuvre includes painting and poetry that merge into one single artwork. The main inspiration for her is life and feelings accompanying the lifelong journey.

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Ela Urban

Ela Urban is a Polish sculptor. Her fascinations stretch to geometrical forms and structures. She often creates using mixed media: ceramics, metal and glas.

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Milena Lopez

Milena Lopez’s passion for nature and its vibrant colors is often reflected in her bold brushstrokes. She creates neo-expressionist and abstract canvases, exploring new forms of expression and crossing boundaries.

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Kai Sieber

Kai is an artist and designer, best known for his work for smart and Mercedes-Benz. He has been drawing and painting since childhood, mostly in acrylic on canvas and various other media.

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