January 25 - February 24, 2024

directly from New York

The Cave 2.0: Unveiling Illusions

Group exhibition inspired by Plato's profound philosophical essay

Welcome to “The Cave: Unveiling Illusions,” an immersive art exhibition that delves into the profound concepts presented in Plato’s philosophical allegory, “The Cave”. Inspired by Plato’s essay, this captivating exhibition invites us to question the nature of reality, perception, and the pursuit of truth.

As one step into this thought-provoking space, it is easy to find yourself transported into a realm that challenges the boundaries of perception. Just as Plato’s prisoners were confined to a dark cave, where they perceived only shadows flickering on the walls, our exhibition explores the notion of enlightenment and the liberation of the mind.

Each artist in their own idiosyncratic artistic language explores the idea of the perceived versus the reality. Each artwork on display aims to evoke introspection and invites one to question the shadows that may govern one own perception.

As the viewers navigate through the exhibition, they will encounter a diverse range of artistic mediums, including photography, paintings, interactive paintings, linocut prints, and digital animation, which serve as a catalyst for self-reflection, encouraging us to venture beyond our pre-conceived notions and confront the illusions that might be shaping our worldview.


Opening Reception
Thursday, January 25., 18:00

Ausstellende Künstler

Udo Spreitzenbarth

If the Soul Had Wings (Mischa Barton)

Fine Art Print on recycled aluminum

Feel free to provide us with your details to inquire about the artwork.

Eberhard Bitter


Oil on canvas

200 x 140 cm

Carmen Belean


Oil on wood
2019 – 2023
17.1 x 14.9 in (32 x 25 cm)

Feel free to provide us with your details to inquire about the artwork.

Kinga Su


Linocut Print on Cotton Rag

70 x 50 cm, Ed. of 10 + 3 APs