Alexandra JS

Om kärlek | about love

September 17 - October 9, 2022

Solo exhibition

Between September 17 and October 9 we hold the first German solo exhibition Om Kärlek | About Love by Swedish artist Alexandra Jöraas Skoogh.

Kärlek means love in Swedish. The artist explored in the series not only romantic love, but above all maternity love, parental love and friendship love.

The acrylic canvases depict feelings in lyrical abstraction, a narrow branch of abstract painting that emerged from French abstract expressionism.

The paintings often form associations with the viewer to clouds or seascapes. The artist herself describes her paintings as poetry, as all her works are based on poetic texts or are retrospectively attributed to them. Her works reveal how emotions may appear if they were made visible.

Alexandra has researched and explored the soft painting technique for years to achieve the soft effects and blending. All the paintings were executed with acrylic paints, using only paintbrushes as tools. The artist has been collecting the inspirations since her youth, since she has been fascinated by the portrait and nature painting of the 18th century.


On September 17th, at 6pm we hold a vernissage opening the first solo exhibition in Germany of the outstanding talent Alexandra JS.

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