Ivo Nikić

Ivo Nikić (born in 1974 in Pristina, now Kosovo), is a Polish-Kosovan multidisciplinary artist; his work includes painting, photography, installations, objects, video, and actions in urban space.

Ivo experiments with connotations and undertones, dismantles the world into its basic elements, questions preconceived solutions, and reevaluates the categories of beauty and ugliness.

He combines elements of old masters (Hironimus Bosch, Rembrandt) with modern art such as Cy Twombly’s scribbles, mixes street art and the idea of samples identified with hip-hop music, and adds a pinch of humor to it all.

In 2003 he graduated in painting from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, PL in the studio of Prof. Jaroslaw Modzelewski. Since then he has been an active and prolific artist. In 2006 he was an artist-in-residence fellow in Bern, Switzerland.

Beyond Boundaries, Solo Exhibition, EXO gallery, Stuttgart, DE

Pre-Biennale, Tres Bien Gallery, Warsaw, PL

Retro Mini, SOA Gallery, Warsaw, PL

Transformer/Action, Kwiaciarnia Grafiki, Warsaw, PL

Sensual Seduction, K Mag Art Spot, Warsaw, PL

Forms of Nikić, Stolarska/Krupowicz, Warsaw, PL

Sample Nikić, Galeria RW8, Zamość, PL

Orbs, Rabbithole Gallery, Warsaw, PL

Cyklodrons, Galeria Nanazenit, Warsaw, PL

Old School, New School, Galeria Arttrakr, Wrocław, PL

After Effects, Galeria Fibak, Warsaw, PL

Domino’s Effect, BWA Zielona Góra, PL

Providing a Meaning, Galeria Promocyjna, Warsaw, PL

What happened cannot be undone, Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, PL

Icons of Victory Humboldt, Umspannwerk, Berlin, DE

The Project Land of Human Rights tit.for.tat. Galeria <rotor> Graz, AT

KASHANTI szu szu shanties, Galeria Volt, Bergen, NO

Kunst Zurich, CH

Art Cologne, DE

Scolpe London, London, UK

Transformation, Centre for Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, RS

Szu szu meets Kunst-fu, Centrum Sztuki PROGR, Bern, CH

Firmenladen, action/performance, Bern, CH

Video Art from Poland, Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung, Berlin, DE

Vienna Fair, AT

Klein Mädchen, Berlin, DE

ArteFiera, Bologna, IT

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