Art Fair AAF Stockholm

April 20 - 24, 2022

Emerging Artists and Renown Galleries in the capital of Sweden

ExoGallery is thrilled to announce the participation in this year AAF Show in Stockholm.

We will be exhibiting young emerging artists and for the first time in the history of AAF Stockholm, our NFT art collection will be presented as well. CryptoArt gives artists a new way of expression. It is not only a way of minting digital art but also reviving the paintings, animating them to enable a new path in the artistic expression.

I am very delighted to be able to exhibit our emerging artists at the royal city in Scandinavia. I lived in Stockholm for a few years myself and got to know the Swedes as an art loving and open to new ideas society. As such, I strongly believe the new digital art as well as NFT art will be well taken here

Our Artists at the Fair

Milena Lopez

Milena Lopez’s passion for nature and its vibrant colors is often reflected in her bold brushstrokes. She creates neo-expressionist and abstract canvases, exploring new forms of expression and crossing boundaries.

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Kai Sieber

Kai is an artist and designer, best known for his work for smart and Mercedes-Benz. He has been drawing and painting since childhood, mostly in acrylic on canvas and various other media.

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