Valo Valentino


Project Statement

Stereochrome is a series of cymatic reverse glass painting. It examines the aesthetic and graphic aspect of chemical reactions under the influence of stereo waves in water.

Using a membrane and a sound generator, water and enamel pigments are made to vibrate on a glass plate until they dry out. they dry out. The water serves as a universal conductor and main actor to make frequency networks visible. The amount of water, the format, volume and pitch determine the dynamics of the

“Play and lose to play again”. By observing individual playful experiments with water, Valo has succeeded in capturing these structures and permanently burning them into his work.

Valo arranges this technique into groups of chords and poetic color spaces based on color circles by Adolf Hölzel.

The artist develops a basso continuo similar to the compositional principles of music to create duple tones, triads, chromatic and musical triads with color.The architecture of sound inspires Biagio in composition and form-finding. Forms that can either be seen as raw sound or as a balanced as a balanced tone color.

“Counterpoint is colorful.”


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