Milena Lopez | Shapes of the Sea

12. - 26. November, 2022​

Solo Exhibition

The series Shapes of the Sea is the artist’s contemplation of the vast ocean surface that is deeply rooted in Milena’s home country culture and tradition. As a Chilean creator the blue body of water is for her more than just a place of joy and relaxation.

Designed as an exhibition of 15 paintings in acrylic on canvas, it is a journey through artist’s distinctive perspectives on the grand sea. The colour blue is predominant in almost all the artworks. It is not only Milena’s favourite paint, but its symbolic meaning has a great impact on artist’s oeuvre: mother’s heritage, communication, and connection between people.

The series is meant as an invitation to mediate and contemplate. For some the monotonous sound of breaking waves can have a therapeutic effect, it would lead to mantra. For others it is the immense and limitless view of the water that has the healing and relaxing power.


I am not the only one feeling inspired, and amazed by it, as source of life, food and importance to ones psycho.
I have always admired the sea, the temperance it evokes and the colours it transmits. I love to contemplate it, to feel the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks and the sea breeze that is almost a shy whistle. On the other hand, it makes me think. I am tiny. We are insignificant.

Artworks Choice

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