December 1 - 17, 2022

Christmas Group Exhibition for fine art collectors

Let yourself be taken along into the Advent season – by artists who have also set out on their own journey; artists who express their experiences, feelings and thoughts in their own special way. Find reflection in artistic inspiration. Stroll through the exhibition – perhaps with a glass of hot spiced wine in your hand? – and let the magic of this very special evening work its magic on you. Do you feel how the artwork settles in your thoughts like a soft snow flurry? How the radiance of this oil painting makes you feel at peace? And doesn’t that sculpture inspire you with the magic of the incomprehensible? Does this print invite you to pause for a moment? And are you dying to talk about this NFT with the person standing next to you right now? Simply because it is so poignant? This is XmART!

Immerse yourself in the diversity of what art is all about. Let yourself be enchanted, inspired – and changed!


Soiree with art

3. and 10. December from 5 – 9 pm
On Saturdays, we hold a special evening. Sparkling wine, mulled hot wine, nibbles and music create relaxing Christmas atmosphere.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Carmen Belean
  • Anna Bellmann
  • Eberhard Bitter
  • Laura Dauchet
  • Mariano Fernandez
  • Alexandra JS
  • Milena Lopez
  • Kai Sieber
  • Kinga Su
  • Ela Urban
  • Robin Wienhold
  • Mario Wolf

Chosen Artworks

Feel free to provide us with your details to inquire about the artwork.