Digitally created round picture with black clouds on a black background

Kinga Su | Five Elements

January 14 - February 25, 2023

Solo Exhibition

The installation invites to debate on humans’ impact on nature and the planet Earth. In her project Kinga offers a different perspective on the natural processes that humans had altered.

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have used the natural resources provided by the Earth. Resources largely seemed endless – like drinking water – or easy to replenish – like wood. The impact we created on the planet has already shown its dues. It is however often that we humans talk about destroying the Earth as if we did not take into consideration that it is actually us as a civilisation that is being damaged to the point of no return.

Kinga would like to move away from the anthropocentric narrative. The Earth and the Nature have tremendous power to recuperate, rejuvenate and revive. The million years of Earth’s life, the planet showed it can be reborn, as a new and different source of life, although mankind might not see it anymore.

In her animation, Kinga presents rounds of different phases in the life of the planet Earth: past, present and possible future. The light objects, as a part of the exhibition, highlight distinctive stages of Earth life, as seen in the video. The Animation won a destinction at the International Digital Art Competition in Torun, PL.

Kinga’s installation includes also further works as to draw the allegory to natural elements like earth, air, fire, water and us humans, the fifth element. Her linocut prints as well as curved wood objects, both created using natural resources, elaborate on these courses of nature from yet unseen perspective. In both cases the flows of the lines and the apparent movement of the shapes can only be visible if we come closer or change the frontal perspective. In this symbolic modification of the viewpoint Kinga tries to influence the way we realise our impact and our standing in the ecosystem.



January 14, 2023 6-9 pm

Join us for the ‘Rounds’ animation release, NFT presentation. The artist will be present at the event.

Exhibiting Artists

Kinga Su

Kinga Su was born in 1994 in Poland. Graduated from French studies at University of Warsaw and Graphic Arts at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, as well as Graphic Communication at Haute École des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg, France. She continues studying there to obtain her second MA degree.

Kinga has been represented by EXO since 2022.


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