Eberhard Bitter

Eberhard Bitter’s theme is the whole spectrum of interpersonal relationships. His art is a sometimes unsparing analysis of people’s confrontation with others and above all with themselves, their own feelings, experiences, and dreams. Figurative body shapes, in tension-filled interplay with each other. The protagonists, moving, “dancing” bodies, completely detached from space and time, are reduced to themselves and absorbed in the contemplation of the moment. It is not the outside that is of importance. A pulsating energy emanates from the processes that can be guessed at, the moment of which finds expression in his paintings.

Bitter’s art is not a classical representation, but pure communication with the viewer, who is addressed by the pictures and invited to reflect.

Eberhard Bitter was born in 1960 in the Ruhr area, North Rhine-Westphalia, and initially trained as a bookbinder. From 1981 to 1987, Bitter studied painting at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts with Prof. Pitt Moog and Prof. Hartmut Böhm. It is perhaps exemplary that Bitter initially began his studies in the field of graphic design, but then quite consciously decided on the liberal arts during his studies. This uncompromising determination characterizes his works today.

Since 2008, Bitter has had two teaching assignments for ‘Freehand Drawing’ and ‘Fundamentals of Design’ at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences, FB-Architecture – a task that fulfills him greatly. Bitter has been a member of the West German Artists’ Association since 2010.

Es ist einfach so, dass das zwischenmenschliche Thema, also das Thema Mensch mit all seinen Freuden und Konflikten, die damit verbunden sind, den Annäherungen und Distanzen, mich persönlich am meisten bewegt.

Between, EXOgallery Ilona Keilich, Stuttgart

art-KARLSRUHE represented by ART-isotope · Galerie Schöber (OAS)


Anniversary Show, Kunstverein Ladenburg

Galerie Incontro, Eitorf

Open Atelier, at RAUMSECHS

art-KARLSRUHE represented by ART-isotope · Galerie Schöber (OAS)


Art & Culture in Ahrtal, Ludwigmuseum Koblenz

EGO-ART, Schleswig (E)

Westdeutscher Künstlerbund, Haus Villigst, Schwerte

ART-isotope · Galerie Schöber, Fröndenberg


art-KARLSRUHE represented by ART-isotope · Galerie Schöber

Künstlerzeche Unser Fritz 2 / 3, Herne

Kunstsommer Burg Wertheim, with ART-isotope · Galerie Schöber

Herforder Kunstverein, Daniel-Pöppelmann-Haus e.V. (E)

Atelier Show with RAUMSECHS, Wuppertal


art-KARLSRUHE, represented by ART-isotope · Galerie Schöber

werkstatt, Gelsenkirchen (E)

Galerie 23, Velbert-Langenberg

Kunstsommer Burg Wertheim at ART-isotope

Kunst im alten Pfarrhaus, Stutensee

RAUM SECHS, Düsseldorf

Kunstverein Herford