STROKE Art Fair, Munich

May 20-22th, 2022


ExoGallery is excited to announce the participation in this year Stroke Art Fair in Munich.

Our young emerging artists together with our NFT art collection will be exhibited at the STROKE Art Fair in the Bavarian capital on the Prater Island.

We chose to be present at this young and dynamic art fair, as we fully stand behind the vision of the fair. For them, as for us young and new art  represents the mindset of open minded and emancipated human beings. Instead of claiming threats, we see evolution and change as chances.


Our Artists at the Fair

Our Artists

Ela Urban

Ela Urban is a Polish sculptor based in Cracow. Her fascinations stretch to geometrical forms and structures. She often creates using mixed media, mostly combining ceramics, metal and glas.

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Our Artists

Milena Lopez

Bio Milena Lopez is a Stuttgart based artist. Her passion for nature and its vivid colours is often reflected in her bold brushstrokes. Milena is

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Our Artists

Kinga Su

Artist’s CV (pdf) Bio Kinga Su is a Polish multifacetted artist based in Strasbourg. Her oeuvre can be described as cross-divisional as she works with

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Our Artists

Kai Sieber

Bio Kai is an artist and designer, best known for his work for smart and Mercedes-Benz. He has been drawing and painting since childhood, mostly

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