Corona City


Kai Sieber

Corona City

80 x 100 cm & 80 x 34 cm
Acrylic on Canvas + NFT animation + Digital Stripe (Fine Art Print on Dibond)
Unique piece, painting signed on the front, print signed on the back, and listed with the NFT ID

At the end of January 2020, after a stay in Shanghai, I was sitting in the airport there and was confronted with the obligation to wear a mask, tests, and the oppressive foreboding of the pandemic for the first time.

Three months later I started an abstract painting. I spontaneously associated the white spot in the middle of the picture with “expansion” and within one night a deserted street of melancholic beauty was created in a cold light. In my mind, I was back in Shanghai, although I could not have imagined this bustling city being deserted until my picture was taken.

In January of this year, I populated the city digitally – with motifs that I had photographed during my visits to the site. The animation is a perpetual depopulation, population – in waves as we know them from the pandemic.

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