Digitally created round picture with black clouds on a black background

Kinga Su


Project Statement

The project Fuse. Harmonic Interaction. is meant as a digital interactive installation, in which viewers actively participated. By using a joystick to change four signs into letters, four participants were looking to create a word. Each sign has its own sound path, and only when a word was created the cacophony of sounds transformed to a musical sound. In order to succeed, the viewers needed to collaborate and start a dialogue.

Su created the project during the times of huge polarization of public opinion. Political views divided people, families and friends. A constant information noise through media and social networks, put people in information bubbles. As a result the prejudices result in disconnection and active distancing. These mechanisms and patterns that the artist observed with concern, were the inspiration to create the Fuse project.

The Artist created the typographic signs based on points. The artist imagined an elastic, black fabric that has been stretched on a mechanical system of moving elements. Some of them hold the fabric while others limit the movement.

Intuition is important in my work. This guides me towards unknown fields which I explore using the techniques that appear the most adapted to what I wish to say. I am trained as a graphic designer and a musician which greatly influences the way I create. I translate the rhythm, sound, and dynamics into visual forms. I always try to create a connection with a viewer, whether in interactive installations, engraving, or video. I want each person to find pleasure in exploring my work through an immersive experience. I hope that my art has a meditational quality as I believe that art serves to provoke reflection on one’s acts. Kinga Su

Kinga Su

The Cave

Project Statement

Kinga Su participated in the group exhibition The Cave: Unveiling Illusions, immersive art exhibition that delves into the profound concepts presented in Plato’s philosophical allegory,

Kinga Su in her animation and linocuts revolves around the perception of reality and opinion about the society, especially in a polarised world and the post-truth era. Diving into provocative and divisive subjects, the artist skillfully unravels the complex tapestry of human thought. Through their exploration, they reveal the intricate nuances that defy simplistic categorization, challenging the very notion of clear-cut answers to perplexing questions.

Using the traditional linocut technique with a specially designed dot-cutter, allows the artist to act subtly and balance at the border between light and darkness, essentially extracting brightness from shadows. The multitude of small white elements builds a unified image creating quite abstract works and leaving plenty of room for interpretation.




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